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Beloit's Biased Reporting

Last week, a long-form piece about the formation of The Lincoln Academy, a charter school authorized not through the Beloit School Distri...

Public Comment

I've submitted a public comment to the city council of Beloit to be read at the next meeting, transcribed below. Thank you for allowing m...

Beloit 200 Member Graphic

These companies names appear in the application in support of the taxpayer funded project. 

Local Billionaire's Wealth Grows by $2.7 Billion During Economic Recession

How is that not an Onion



Diane Hendricks Political Donations

You can sort by date, which finds recent Marjorie Green and Tom Tiffany donations, or by dollar amount! Have a Bingo game!

Q-Anon Connection?

Does Diane Hendricks believe in Q?


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