5/26 Snappers Notes

I wrote this last night when I got home from the game, only Charter decided that it was a perfect time for an internet outage.

In a Beloit full of people ready to trash Pohlman Field, I have to say I’ve always enjoyed it and I still do. Will Banfield seems to enjoy it as well. After tonight’s four RBI performance in our combating Chelydridae's 6-4 win over the Peoria Chiefs, the official favorite baseball player of tptb is hitting .268 with an on-base percentage of .321 at Pohlman Field. Compare that with road batting average of .091 and .111 OBP. His 14 RBIs trail only Griffin Conine’s 16 RBIs. Banfield continues to be an absolute machine behind the plate as well. He attempted to pick off Jhon Torres on first and on third in the fifth inning and it looked like he was out on the play at third. The pick-off throw to third is a specialty of Banfield’s and is an extremely valuable weapon. He picked off a runner at third in the Snappers home series against the South Bend Cubs and in the road series in Cedar Rapids. The Chiefs have seen the move now. Let’s see if Banfield can get one this homestand.

Conine was on base four times and scored a run tonight. He showed off his speed, swiping a bag in the third and scoring from first on Banfield’s second 2 RBI single of the night in the fifth.

Misner looked incredible tonight. He doubled and scored in the third, picked up an extra base with his speed and hustle in the fifth and then made an excellent read on a ball that barely squirted away from the catcher, taking third. His flyout in the 7th was the second hardest hit ball of the night, behind the Chiefs Chandler Redmond bomb to right.

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