i haven't posted in a couple of days, simply because the workload i'm facing from school. i'm less than a month away from turning in my second and final thesis. my first was on ethan allen and how he shaped the narrative surrounding his place in history. this one i've been working on is Kwame Nkrumah's organization in the gold coast (ghana) in the years 1947-1951, so 5 - 9 years before Ghana gained independence from Britain.

i'm disgusted at billionaires adding billions to their net worth, millionaires receiving 1.6 million dollar buyouts, shell companies that haven't had employees since 2018 receiving $55 million dollar contracts to make masks for ten times more expensive than 3m does, and millionaires not having to pay taxes on gasoline for their private jets. unfortunately, or maybe fortunate when you factor in my mental health, i haven't had time to elaborate more.

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In the latest $GME saga, see yesterday's post here, the popular investing app Robin Hood has pulled GME and AMC from their app, restricting trading to "closing positions only"; you can't buy, you can