amazon fires employee for wanting to be safe

more unbelievably frustrating news came to the surface yesterday when Chris Smalls was fired from his amazon warehouse in new york for not wanting to die. Chris's letter is here but it essentially details the conditions amazon workers are putting up with. when upper-management told chris that they had a confirmed covid-19 case, Chris wanted the building sanitized. certainly not an unreasonable request. Chris was also told not to let any employees know that they had a confirmed covid-19 case. after organizing a walkoout of about 50 people, Chris was put on "paid quarantine leave". was anyone else in the factory put on paid leave? nope! just the person who organized the walkout. Chris saw right through the facade of their illusion of "trying to keep workers safe" and came back to the warehouse to demand action. now former obama press secretary, amazon svp, and millionaire jay carney is here to tell us that he's not a union buster, he just wants workers to be safe!

absolutely sickening, but not shocking. no mention of why no other workers were quarantined, no mention of why they wouldn't sanitize the warehouse. obama-era lackeys like jay carney and jon favreau and tommy vietor and jon lovett are dangerous to democracy. they're allowed to lie with no checks and balances on them. at least the media holds trump accountable. no such thing if you're obama-era.

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