Amy McGrath and the Kentucky Senate Race

The primary race in Kentucky to decide Mitch McConnell's opponent featured Democratic establishment pick Amy McGrath against young, black progressive Charles Booker. The picture below shows the difference between having the backing of the establishment and not.

Despite being outspent by nearly $20,000,000 and outraised by $40,000,000, Booker held his own against the establishment. After in-person voting, Booker held a lead on McGrath but as the mail in ballots continued to be counted, it's now become clear that McGrath will edge out Booker and become Mitch McConnell's opponent. As of right now, she's winning the vote 45% to 43%, which equates to about 10,000 votes.

McGrath is a former Marine Corps fighter pilot and realistically, her conservative stances positions her well to defeat McConnell in a traditionally red state. But what does that mean? It means regardless of what happens in the race, Kentucky will have a senator beholden first to a massive political party. It means regardless of what happens in the race, Kentucky will have a senator that does not believe health care is a human right. It means regardless of what happens, Kentucky will have a senator who lectures their constituents on not being beholden to special interests outside of their home state despite what the chart below shows.

My point being that regardless of the outcome of the race, progressives will not have an ally in the Kentucky Senate seat. Regardless of what happens, McGrath will receive loads of congratulations for spirited race against a monster incumbent. The truth is she was hand chosen by an establishment desperate for nothing to change. McGrath's win over Booker is a loss for the country.

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