It sure didn't take me long to switch from Covid-19 makes baseball not fun to "why don't we have 24 hour baseball?" I hate myself for it but I'm enjoying it and it's putting me in a good mood.

Some cool stuff from baseball in the last two days:

Matt Olsen's opening day, late night grand slam - Those of us who missed baseball most stayed up late in front of the glow of devices to watch Shohei Otani become the first extra innings automatic runner in MLB history. The real attraction came half an inning later when Matt Olsen bombed a walk off grand slam to cap off the first night of post-pandemic baseball with a bang. The blast was something to marvel at. The celebration afterwards was annoying. Imagine how embarrassing it would if one of the players in the post game scrum tested positive for Covid-19. Just make better decisions please.

The Brewers Lorenzo Cain escaped a rundown and directed traffic last night and diehard Brewers fans recognized the play as being literally the exact same play from two years ago when Cain directed traffic, this time from between first and second base. Especially after today's minor scuffles, I love that Rizzo and KB and Javy Baez all have to live with the fact that Lorenzo Cain punk'd them, twice.

The Braves and the Mets were the lone teams to go to extra innings last night and both team's runners that started the 10th on second base scored. It was the Braves who scored three times in the tenth, however, that decided the game. Edwin Diaz, the Mets closer who spent the entirety of 2019 either striking out everyone or giving up home runs. On Friday's Opening Day, Diaz closed out a 1-0 Mets victory, giving Mets fans the hope that his days of giving up clutch home run in big spots was coming to an end. Saturday's game reminded Mets fans that baseball is frustrating. With two strikes and two outs in the ninth inning, Marcell Ozuna took Diaz yard to tie the game at 2. Here's what Ozuna had to say after the game, “Yesterday, [Díaz] struck me out on a fastball away. I couldn’t reach it. It was too far. So today I was talking to my teammates. I said if I get in a situation like that with two strikes and tries to go away, I’m going to try to hit it straight at him or to the opposite field.”

Daniel Bard was out of baseball for seven years after dealing with the yips while playing with the Red Sox in 2013. Not only did Bard appear in his first game in 2,646 games, but he got the win for the Rockies, too.

Baseball. It's get away day in a shortened season. Every game is worth approximately 2.3 games in a normal season.

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