baseball owners

Leading off this discussion of baseball business, I'd like to remind everyone that MLB has an anti-trust exemption, meaning despite absurd profits and prices MLB does not pay minor league baseball players a livable wage. Every business of baseball discussion should hold that caveat before proceeding.

Baseball owners submitted their first proposal to the players union today, and leaks have it that players are being asked to take substantial pay cuts.

The issue is essentially that players believe they have an on paper agreement that says they will get their full pro-rated salary when the game continues. But ownership is citing that the agreement included room for reasonable negotiation should the season being without fans, which is the case for the proposed early July return. Of course....

And this is the entire problem. The owners will control this narrative and frame the players as the money-hungry, power-grabbers. The owners will not take a larger financial hit than the players and they will never consider it.

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