Last night in a citywide rebuke of billionaires, all three city of Beloit candidates endorsed by our local billionaire overlord, Diane Hendricks, were defeated in their bid to join the local city council and school board. The cherry on top was Jill Underly's statewide thrashing of Scott Walker-endorsed Deb Kerr for Wisconsin State Superintendent.

I'd like to congratulate Clinton Anderson, Nancy Forbeck, and Sherry Blakelely on their re-election to the Beloit City Council. Likewise, congratulatory salutations to both incumbent Spencer Anderson and newcomer Sean Leavy on their elections to the Beloit School Board.

Hendricks supported candidates have now been defeated locally in the past two elections proving that when given a choice at the ballot box, Beloit citizens can not be bought. And while it felt great driving past the ABC Supply building this morning and not seeing the litter of signs political candidates turned election losers, the work is not done. Wisconsin conservatives like Diane Hendricks know that they don't have to ask for the things they want most, they can simply use state Republicans to re-write the rules in their favor. This is why Beloit citizens had absolutely no say in their tax dollars flowing to the Hendricks wet dream that is the Lincoln Academy.

We need to be diligent in our fight against billionaires, specifically the one in our own backyard. There are timelines to be uncovered and business relationships to be exposed, and that's just the stuff we know about. Moving forward, we need to re-work the city's ethics committee. Business relationships like Beloit 200's free use of the historic pump house building should be examined, as should many other ethically questionable practices.

Every so often I come across one of the New York Times, Vice, or MSNBC stories about the Diane Hendricks-led resurgence of Beloit, WI and the rebirth of Main Street, USA. They never seem to mention anything other than the bistros and hotels and the burger bar and the sushi shop. Never the rising crime, the modern segregation, or Beloit's participation in Wisconsin's racially disproportionate school-to-prison pipeline. Diane Hendricks hostility for workers rights and for all things publicly funded are a black eye on Beloit.

Last night, the voters of the city again rejected her endorsed political candidates. #BeloitProud, for sure.

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