bernie's out

senator Bernard Sanders, american hero and the only noun proper enough to be capitalized by this author, suspended his campaign for the democratic nominee for president today. while the center left lined up to fawn over a man they relentlessly attacked for six straight years, the progressive left, myself included, made sure its known that we won't vote for joe biden for president. . Bernie Sanders is an absolute legend of american politics. he will work his ass off to fight for joe biden to be elected, because that is what kind of man he is.

but i won't vote for him. and i won't be shamed over it. on black monday preceeding super tuesday, the democratic national committee made a cognizant effort to unite specifically against my values and ideals. when joe biden indicated that he would veto medicare for all if it came across his desk as president, he was specifically alienating me and millions who support it.

i'm not a single issue voter but i'm not shaming those who are. if your single issue is "it's not trump", who could blame you? i'm upset now, but as the general election approaches i promise to try my hardest not to shame anyone who wants to vote for biden. i was very prepared to vote for a candidate that didn't support medicare for all, had that candidate gained popular support on a level playing field. let's analyze the the 2016 election quickly, from an unbiased perspective. an insanely crowded republican field filled with primary candidates was allowed to play out fairly. after republicans allowed a primary process to play out fairly, with no mass uniting against him, donald trump won the primary, and won the presidency. the exact same thing was happening on the left prior to president obama's intervention. the only difference is that Bernie was peddling health care to the poor instead of nationalism to racists. health care to the poor was too much for establishment democrats.

biden's been accused of rape. in this two party system, you have to go to the polls this year and vote for one of two accused rapists. i'm not voting for either. eight sexual harassment allegations and a rape allegation is a disqualification. his biden wrote a crime bill extremely damaging to the african american community. biden wrote a terrible bankruptcy bill. this is particularly damning because of his close relationship with mbna, his son's six figure advising role there while being registered as a national lobbyist. it's also worth noting that biden is the reason you can't discharge any student loans. he's said that he has no empathy for how hard kids have it these days but not a single person from his generation was entering the workforce strapped with crippling debt for a four year degree. i'll vote for whoever the dsa endorses this year.

and lastly thank you Bernie. it was an honor to vote for you to be a nominee, twice. the level of passion you've exhibited for decades is an inspiration. may history show you as a man who stood up for the rights of those who had few at a time when no one else would. your fight to shift our extreme right wing politics to the left will not be forgotten. lawrence o' donnell said that as a dem strategist he never had to listen to the left because the left "had no place to go". for two primaries now the american left has had a beacon of hope. the lasting impact your fight haves on our culture is up to us now. i hope we can do you proud.

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