Brodie Lee Tribute

The news of Brodie Lee's death shocked me just like it shocked every other wrestling fan. My most recent out of ring memory of Brodie Lee was hearing his episode of AEW Unfiltered with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone, talking about how his son slept with his TNT title every night. It's devastating and puzzling that only two months later, I'm watching his son be bestowed "TNT Champion for life" at the tribute show dedicated to the life of the son's late father. Professional athletes don't die of lung issues, ever, but the reaction to PWTorch's Bruce Mitchell candidly questioning Brodie's wife's statement that his lung related death was "non-Covid related" have shown that this line of questioning is not ok. So I won't do that here. But I will note that professional athletes don't die of lung issues, ever, and we're in the middle of a lung-centric pandemic. And that I can be mad and pissed off and hurt and sad for his family all at the same time and still acknowledge being filled with curiosity as to why she chose to inform me it was not Covid related but not anything more that would allow me to process how such a terrible thing could happen.

When Tony Khan announced the Brodie Lee tribute show, anyone who regularly watches AEW knew it was going to be special. AEW has a knack for making special Wednesday nights and I can't think of a non-PPV show that was as special as the show AEW put on this Wednesday night. The highlight was MJF working Brodie Lee Jr., who was in the crowd watching the match until Junior finally had enough and cracked MJF in the skull with the kendo stick, leading to this gem.

The show was incredible. I'd recommend going to watchprowrestling dot com now and watching the show. It's a piece of wrestling history and a wonderful tribute to Brodie Lee's family.

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