Combating Chelydridae

The Snappers lost the opener of their six game homestead with the Peoria Chiefs on Tuesday night, 11-10. The teams combined for 30 hits and 4 errors. Losing 10-3 in the bottom of the sixth inning, the Snappers were able to get the tying run to third with two outs in the ninth inning when our combating Chelydridae came up short.

tptb's all time favorite Snapper and minor league player Will Banfield hit a two strike, two run bomb to center in the first, this following Griffin Conine's RBI single. The 3-0 lead lasted into the 4th when McCambley wavered for the first time at Pohlman Field. Brendan Donovan's lead off, two strike double was followed by McCambley hitting Francisco Hernandez with a pitch on an 0-2. Moises Castillo singled in two and McCambley was bailed out by a strong throw from Thomas Jones on a Malcolm Nunez single. As Redmond was rounding third to score, Castillo was rounding second. The throw came into third and Castillo was tagged out only seconds before Redmond cross the plate and the Snappers left the 4th with a 3-2 lead. McCambley then retired the first two batters of the 5th on four pitches, gave up a single on his sixth pitch of the inning and his 71st pitch of the night, and was promptly pulled from the ballgame. They took him out of a perfect game two weeks ago in the 7th with his pitch count in the 80s.

I'm a huge fan of McCambley. He has this robotic presence on the mound and it's not just because of this odd body shift he does out of the windup. He sat 92-93 and touched 94. His WHIP coming into tonight was 0.824 which is remarkable. That will certainly go up after tonight as he didn't record a single 1-2-3 inning. There were only two balls struck really well against him and one of them was a grounder that Owings could've made a play on at first. He got a strikeout with his changeup, his breaking pitch was sharp and these kids are only hitting the heater if they guess right. He had 7 Ks in 4.2 innings and didn't walk anyone, which will only improve his stellar 10.5 Ks/BB.

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