covid-19 claims first death in rock county

it took a while, but covid-19 is officially killing people in my county. rock county, Wisconsin had our first covid-19 death tuesday. all we're privy to is that the victim was 53 and had no known contact with someone potentially at risk, but had traveled to milwaukee recently. interesting note from the county health department. from the janesville gazette's piece:

Public Health Officer Marie-Noel Sandoval said the person died in Rock County but she is unsure where within the county the person died or whether the person was hospitalized.

there's only 16 confirmed cases. why don't you know the exact location of every single one of them? this reeks of incompetence or deception. either are unacceptable at this point.

i'm scared shitless and i have been for a while. when dr. monahan told congress that he expects between 75 and 150 million americans to be infected, i just accepted that i'll get it at some point, and so will everyone i know. it would be incredibly irresponsible and dumb to do this, but there's probably an argument to be made that its better to get sick now while medical resources still exist. if 150 million americans contract covid-19 over the next 12 months, we will not have a functioning society. assuming the mortality rate we're seeing in the us right now, that would mean roughly 3 million americans would die from covid-19. only 2.8 million americans die in general every year. even assuming a mortality rate that's split in half to account for americans who can't get tested, there's no way our health care system can support that. and if our health care system breaks down, a lot more is going with it.

i also want to point out that in the link about dr monahan it notes that between 70 and 150 million americans would contract covid-19.

Monahan also told staffers that ultimately, 80 percent of those who contract the coronavirus will be fine.

what?!? that would be between 14 and 30 million serious cases that require medical treatment. we don't have the capacity from a supplies, buildings, or worker standpoint to treat an additional 14 million people in hospitals across the country in a short term window. this whole thing is unbelievably terrifying. i love you all.

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