Da Bearsss

The Bears snuck into the playoff with a .500 record on the back of being blown out by the Packers at home in a win and in situation. With the 2020 addition of a seventh playoff spot, maybe the Bears become the seven seed that makes all of us ponder revisionist history; a world where we analyze what could have been if there'd always been a seven seed. The bookmakers don't think so, as the Bears are 8.5 underdogs against the Saints in New Orleans next week. The faint glimmer of excitement about playoff football was quickly extinguished when I learned that the playoffs are re-seeded and should Chicago somehow find a way to win in New Orleans, they'd be playing the Packers the following week.

It was rumored today that Matt Nagy will return as head coach next year. This despite back to back 8-8 records that includes a four game winless streak against perennial division foe Green Bay. Does this mean Ryan Pace returns as well? With the team in the playoffs, I'd wager to guess yes. Pace hasn't been terrible. Choosing David Montgomery over Jordan Howard looks like a stroke of genius. Acquiring defensive talent like Khalil Mack and Danny Trevathan and Akiem Hicks while resigning standout CB Kyle Fuller has turned the Bears defense into a perennial standout unit. The Allen Robinson acquisition was huge for the franchise and the ability to identify talent like Darnell Mooney later in drafts has been key considering the draft capital traded away in the Mack deal. But there's been one glaring failure of Pace's regime. And when I say glaring, I'm talking about the type of glare that would burn a hole in your because it's so extraordinarily glaring, and that's obviously the quarterback position. Pace signed Mike Glennon, traded up to draft Mitch Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, and then signed Nick Foles to compete with Trubisky for the starting job this past offseason with both Tom Brady and Phil Rivers were both available. I've often joked that Pace should hire a QB-exclusive GM, where Pace makes every decision except for those that have to do with the QB position. Regardless of what happens, it's impossible to trust that Ryan Pace will make the proper decision at QB moving forward. And without an elite QB, what is this team?

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