Democrats Bogarting Ballot Access from the Greens

The Green Party is being heavily scrutinized by liberals for having the gall to feel they have a right to be on the ballot.

The crux of the argument breaks down to this: Vice Presidential candidate Angela Walker had multiple addresses on her filing paperwork, which led to the Democrats of Wisconsin filing a lawsuit asking the Green Party to be removed from the ballot. The Green Party, subsequently, went directly to the Supreme Court. Liberals argue that the timing of the lawsuit, only days before ballots were required to be mailed, coupled with the GOP’s assistance in the lawsuit, will cost Joe Biden dearly.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel hypothesized that “whether they get on the ballot could play a role in who wins Wisconsin this fall”, citing Hillary Clinton’s 22,000 vote 2016 defeat and Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s 31,000 vote total in the state.

Those 31,000 votes, or even 22,000 of them, were not going to go to Hillary Clinton had the Greens not been on the ballot. To assume those voters are dumb enough to vote for something that, in all reality, they’re actively voting against is erroneous and insulting. Those voters would’ve voted for someone else. Or they would’ve stayed home, like the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites who weren’t moved enough to vote at all. This sentence, from WisContext, might be more useful to analyze than the 31,000 Jill Stein votes, “Overall, Trump received just about the same number of votes as Romney, but Clinton received nearly 240,000 fewer votes than Obama.” Couple this with the twenty-two counties that flipped from Democrat to Republican in 2016, and the zero that flipped the other way, and it starts to feel like the Democrats obsessing over the Green Party is a waste of time and resources that could be well spent elsewhere.

The other piece of this argument that is infuriating to liberals is that the Green Party actually worked with the GOP to gain ballot access. This argument would only make sense if the Green Party owed the Democratic Party some form of loyalty. But considering it’s the Democrats who are actively trying to keep the Green Party off the ballot, the argument becomes perplexing. When Democrats and Republicans forced it to be a near universal truth that only two parties will be on the ballot in this country, they did so knowing it would be nearly impossible for a third party. The outrage by the liberals over something the Democrats helped to bi-partisanly create is absurd and in terrible faith.

The Democrats are going on record in Wisconsin as wanting fewer democratic options. For an independent voter like myself who supports things like ranked choice voting, expanded ballot access, an overall end to the duopoly, and general progressive policies not held by the ruling parties, it’s a hard way to earn my vote. I won’t say that I’m definitively not voting for Biden, but I need something to vote for. My support for Biden never has and never will hinge on the Green Party’s presence on the ballot. It’s not enough for the Democrats to not offer me Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, ranked choice voting, major police reform, etc. They want to make sure that platform isn’t one I should be able to vote for.

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