dems forced to make decision on creepy old man

the democrats lost the most winnable election in history by holding a sham primary and nominating the second most unpopular candidate in presidential election history. perhaps they think looking the other way on sexual harassment allegations is the path to victory; it worked well for the gop in 2016. while some dismiss tara reade as a russian operative (she wrote a blog post on medium that's since been deleted, calling putin compassionate, among others), it is hard to ignore the other seven women who have had similar encounters. lucy flores, former lt governor of nevada, has been dismissed as having "political motivations". i don't know much about lucy flores. if you don't either and you're citing "political motivations" as a reason for a sexual harassment claim, you're a either a brett kavanaugh supporter or you're brett kavanaugh supporter-adjacent, at least on this issue. neither is desirable.

i tried to link to the cut's piece citing all the women accusing Bernie Sanders of sexual harassment but i couldn't find it. this is, of course, because it doesn't exist. Bernie Sanders has never been personally accused of sexual harassment and when he learned of allegations re: his 2016 campaign associates and surrogates, he took responsibility and apologized, and came up with a tangible plan to address these issues on the 2020 trail.

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