dems tell brie joy to shut her mouth for the sake of her career

bernie sanders's national press secretary brie joy gray was shouted down by the democratic establishment's mouthpieces for having the audacity to pose a question to a current sitting senator and former presidential candidate.

it's a fair question to ask someone who would not abolish private insurance. i'm really struggling how this would offend someone. but it did. here's harvard fellow and extreme dc insider tiffany cross telling a black woman that foresight of her career is more important than her values and beliefs.

i'm much more offended by this tweet than i am brie joy gray's. and here's symone sanders, biden's senior advisor, which i have to imagine consists of constantly reminding joe what city he's in, to chime in with her two cents.

now, brie joy gray noted that she's actually four years older than symone sanders, but she also noted that she's not sacrificing her values for any career interest at all.

our whole premise for having medicare for all as our platform is that the existence of private insurance directly leads to the deaths of many poor people. is this new to them? why is pointing that out suddenly some kind of low blow? more uninsured people will die because they're uninsured this year than will people from covid-19. that's a fact. pointing it out is fair game.

brie joy gray and nina turner are heroes. the abuse they face everyday is consistent with the abuse historical civil rights leaders have fought in the past. and much like in the past, the generation surrounding these leaders are too stupid to understand what heroes they are. voices like symone sanders and tiffany cross and joy reid will fade into the background when the historical narratives write themselves. brie joy gray's voice will shine like a light.

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