getting back to the normal insanity

while new york prepares to dig mass graves for temporary internment in public parks, the rest of the world likes to pretend that isn't happening because, after all, real life is sad.

in a sign that political discourse is getting back to normal, we've seen a widespread rejection of science. dr. fauci got into a shouting match with peter navarro, trump's trade advisor. navarro noted that he's qualified to do debate medicine with dr. fauci, literally the world's foremost expert on infectious diseases, because he has a phd.

but its not just republicans who are rejecting science. whoopi goldberg, noted political expert, said that should joe biden win, he could make his wife, dr. jill biden, his surgeon general. it was later found out that whoopi didn't know the dr. in dr. jill biden is an edd, an educational doctorate.

nothing says american politics like extreme public ignorance. glad to see that's coming back into fashion.