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Baseball sucks so bad and I hate that I love it, but I do and here we are.

Eight Phillies players have tested positive for Covid-19 and Inquirer columnist Bob Brookover wrote that baseball should be cancelled amid the "frightening" news.

I'd like to say first that he's probably correct. Severing all transmission chains should be at the top of everyone's mind right now. But clearly it is not. Nationwide, many refuse to acknowledge the severity or even the existence of a virus that has infected well over 2.2 million Americans and has killed 500,000+ people worldwide.

But I'm curious if anyone, specifically Brookover considering it's his piece I'm critiquing, assumed baseball was immune from an outbreak. When quoting Phillies managing partner John Middleton, Brookover hones in on a specific quote.

The words “until medical authorities are confident that the virus is under control” are very interesting. Middleton is simply talking about the virus as it pertains to the Phillies’ facilities in Florida, but the fact is that medical authorities know the virus is not under control in our country.

And so if the idea was to simply wait for an effective vaccine, nothing has changed with the current outbreak. If there was a hope that some sort of baseball bubble would protect players, coaches, and staff alike from a virus so infectious there's no precedent in the previous 100 years, well I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona and if you'll buy that I'll throw the golden gate in free.

Here's Brookover's piece in its entirety.

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