I'm Still Undecided and That's Joe Biden's Fault

In the midst of a global pandemic that's claimed the lives of over 200,000 Americans and caused an economic recession to prove exactly how much disdain the GOP majority senate holds for the working poor of this country, Biden and the Democrats have refused to offer any policy concession of note to the Bernie Sanders wing of left-leaning independent voters.

In a stunning lack of ability by the Joe Biden camp to effectively campaign in the 21st century, a Google search of "Joe Biden policy concessions" shows the two leading results from the ultra-right Washington Examiner, and the ultra-left Jacobin, both with extremely unfriendly articles to the centrist candidate. Both articles excoriate Biden for his concessions, the former claiming Biden concessions to leftist Senator Bernie Sanders supporters shows his socialist agendas while the latter notes the "pathetic" attempt of the concessions that offer so little, they're barely even relevant.

In June, Sen. Sanders and Biden teamed up to speed up the climate change timetable and announced a Climate task force, to which progressive Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez noted, "I do believe that the Climate Task Force effort meaningfully & substantively improved Biden’s positions." That same inaction, a task force, is one that the Wisconsin Democrats are currently chastising local GOP majority lawmakers for in regards to the epidemic that is police brutality. Nationally, a task force is the only concession made by the Biden camp and to be clear, it's not a Green New Deal or anything close.

Biden and the national, corporate Democrats aren't moving left intentionally, as part of a more centrist-friendly strategy. In attempting to appeal to the less extreme, more sensible Republicans, the Democrats are gaining the support of groups like the Lincoln Project, a handful of current and former Republicans who spend their time and money creating impactful ads attacking the most egregious lies of the Republicans and their supreme leader.

It's an understandable, if not an altogether lazy strategy. When Republicans vote for a Democrat it not only adds votes, it sows dissent within the conservative base. But there's a failed understanding that a left voting block does not want to identify with Republicans, even the most moderate ones. If the policies are tailored to appeal, or even to not scare away lifelong Republicans like Lincoln Project founders Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt, or lifelong conservative WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin, or former Republican first-lady candidate Cindy McCain, or the hundreds of aides to George Bush who've endorsed Biden, it's only logical that the Democrats would lose support from the left.

This has been the fundamental problem of Democrats for years, only this year more than ever has it been ok for Republicans to cross the aisle. It is intuitive that the Democrats would want to exploit that advantage but unnatural to assume that courting right votes wouldn't alienate voters on the left. It's almost comical to witness the Democratic party scream in unity of the dangers of the fascist nature of the authoritarians currently in power require leftists to sacrifice the policies that are most important to them while steadfastly refusing to sacrifice their own corporately-inspired, money-fueled policies.

When Joe Biden tells a room of billionaire donors that "nothing will fundamentally change", it's not a shock, it's a strategy. And when Joe says, more recently, that "I beat the socialist", he's not doing so to disparage Bernie. He's doing so as part of a calculated effort to ease concerns of moderate Republicans. Establishing that it is more important to the Democrats to flip moderate conservatives than to maintain, or more accurately, earn the votes of those on the left, what becomes of the future of the Democratic party? Certainly 2020 exacerbates the key fallacy of the Democratic party and their voters: if a climate change emergency during a global pandemic amidst a major rise of nationalist fascism doesn't force even the slightest of concessions to progressive policies, nothing will.

I have my absentee ballot in a swing state. I'm still not certain who I am going to vote for. The Wisconsin Democrats push to ensure that Green party ticket Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker wouldn't be on the local ballot deserves to be called out as an obstruction to Democracy. Joe Biden, the man who respects segregationists, wants to increase police funding, and continue foreign entanglements will not be moving left on any single issue, before or after the election.