Impact! Wrestling

Mainstream wrestling fans have a plethora of weekly options to indulge their enjoyment in watching the soap opera that is professional wrestling. There's the WWE product Smackdown, available on Fox on Friday nights. Or Raw and NXT, both available on the USA network, the former on Monday and the latter on Tuesday. If WWE isn't your cup of tea, there's always the up-and-coming, very popular AEW. AEW Dynamite airs on Wednesday nights, with AEW Dark and AEW Dark: Elevation both airing as a YouTube show on Monday and Tuesday respectively.

But for this wrestling mark, Thursday night is the can't miss wrestling night of the week. Airing on Twitch and AXS TV, Impact! Wrestling is consistently my favorite show of the week. Since the inception of Impact's predecessor, TNA, the federation has always been one where older stars work with talent of tomorrow. The X Division, while undefinable and abstract, showcases the best matches of the week consistently. Deonna Purrazzo, the only women's champion who is currently being treated consistently as a heel, is really strong in the ring and continues to improve on the mic. The tag team division is interesting, if nothing else, and sending the belts to NJPW for a short time with FinJuice was wonderful booking. They're back now, on the waists of Joe Doering and Rhino in Eric Young's new stable, Violent by Design. I'm hoping this sets up some type of internal good vs. bad debate with Rhino when former teammate Heath Slater is healthy enough to come back. Kenny "BY GOD" Omega of AEW currently holds the Impact! Heavyweight Championship, along with both the AEW Heavyweight Championship and the AAA Mega Championship. The booking is fresh, creative, and the finishes have been clean with an emphasis on really good wrestling. The announcing crew of Matt Striker and D'Lo Brown leave a lot, like a lot, to be desired. But the in-ring talent and the creative team have consistently put together show after show of entertaining wrestling.

The best part of Impact!, however, is almost always Swinger's Casino. Swinger's head non, smile, and laugh combo puts a smile on my face every single time I see it. The most recent segment is on the home page and features Fallah Bah as a Bah-lerella. Check it out on the wrestling home page. If you're sick of "having your intelligence insulted" by wrestlers getting eaten zombies or set on fire, check out Impact! on Twitch this week. You might just like it.