Late Night Politicking

It's after midnight in Georgia, which sounds like a country song, but it was just before midnight when Dave Wasserman, the "I've seen enough" guy, tweeted that he'd seen enough.

This is massive for many reasons, not the least of which is that President-elect Biden will have his judicial appointments confirmed. Don't mistake me, I'm not the least bit excited about the prospect of a senate where Joe Manchin is the 51st liberal vote. Despite the (D) next to his name, Manchin is no liberal. A West Virginia senator, Manchin's name is familiar in the head of this writer for the academic/employment fraud committed by his daughter, the subsequent role that her father played in that coverup and repair of that situation, and her role as CEO of a company that inflated EpiPen prices 500%. Manchin has already said he will not support the elimination of the fillibuster or expansion of the Supreme Court, the former of which is desperately needed and the latter of which would even out the two seats stolen by the GOP. While the senate won't be a liberal one, it also won't be led by Mitch McConnell, which is a massive win for America. Mitch McConnell has been integral in making obstruction a party platform; that platform has trickled down to state legislatures, like Wisconsin, where Republican congresses hold Democratic governors hostage then condemn them for inaction. Mitch McConnell openly acknowledged and took credit for obstructing President Obama's policies and was thanked by Sean Hannity. Combine this with his silence/inaction on the authoritarian actions of a lunatic president, and the aforementioned theft of two Supreme Court seats, a world where Mitch McConnell is not Senate Majority Leader is a much better world than when he is. Even if that means Chuck Schumer becomes Senate Majority Leader. God, please, no.

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