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i'm not citing anything in this because no one reads this but if someone has questions about a citation let me know.

wisconsin republicans are forcing an election during the middle of a pandemic. it's absolutely insane and infuriating. there's no positives, but the continued terrible national image of wisconsin republicans is satisfying to me, not that it means anything. the lack of accountability in partisan politics in 2020 is sickening and because of it voters will continue to vote for terrible humans. in case there was any doubt as to why wisconsin republicans want voters to go out in a pandemic, trump noted this week that if he had made it easy enough to vote, republicans would never win another election. there's a direct recording of him saying that. they're saying the quiet part out loud. there's more working class people who would vote against the republicans, therefore they don't deserve to vote. wisconsin has done fair as a state at prevention of the virus, with just over 2,100 confirmed cases right now. the only reason a lack of cooperation from wisconsin republicans on a postponement is not shocking is because its wisconsin republicans. i'll be gathering data the day before the election in terms of infected per capita within the state and comparing that data with other states, along with tracking that movement in the weeks after the election. there's a near certain chance that number will spike.

there's an extremely important supreme court battle and while the wisconsin courts aren't partisan elections, its clear where they candidates loyalties lie. my absentee ballot was sent in two weeks ago and i'm hoping my vote helps to unseat an incumbent that never won an election. vote for jill karofsky. the republicans are running ads with outright lies and karofsky's campaign is suing them to force them to stop. have i mentioned how shitty wisconsin republicans are?

there's talk now that we'll be bailing out sports leagues. in a sick, twisted way its satisfying to me that a beacon for a free market, anti-socialist, supposed populist billionaire president faces an unprecedented health crisis and will hand out more welfare than ever has been done. most of it will go to corporations, proving their arguments of "should've worked harder, should've saved more" to be disingenuous. we knew this before, of course, and it won't matter that they're so transparent about it now. they just hate you as an individual. the system sucks. keep fighting. stronger together.

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