liberty university deserves what it gets

the pandemic is bringing out the worst in a lot of people. there's been a widespread denial of science and logic exhibited by thousands of spring breakers refusing to give up their trips or by humans rushing grocery stores in unprecedented and unnecessary fashions. while our family hasn't denied science and we didn't hoard groceries, quite the opposite in fact, i'm not exempt from the pandemic bring some unnecessary negativity into my life. i'm taking a little bit of joy in this one.

jerry falwell, jr. is a terrible, terrible human and also the president of liberty university. his father, another terrible human who most notably blamed the gays for the 9/11 attacks, founded the school. liberty university has re-opened its doors amidst the worst pandemic in united states history. politico offers up a wonderful article about the decision and has found multiple lies and inconsistencies with liberty's communication surrounding this. while liberty noted they spoke with a specific doctor about this decision, politico attempted to confirm this with said doctor who denied it. when liberty was confronted with this, they simply omitted the doctor's name, with no notice that the memo had been updated to correct outright lies. liberty also noted they received unequivocal support from the mayor of lynchburg, virginia, where the university is located. not only did the mayor categorically deny that this was true, she noted that she was given false information from liberty officials, being told that the dorms would only be open to international students who had no other options. the dorms were re-opened for everyone who wanted to be there. falwell then noted that state of virginia governor ralph northam's office replied to falwell's decision with a gracious attitude for informing them. northam's office strongly opposed this statement from falwell. this section, is perhaps the most damning piece of the article:

“We’re still opening,” Falwell said in an appearance on Todd Starnes’ radio show on March 18, “but we’re not having classes of more than 10 people in a room at a time. But we can still operate that way, because we do a lot online. But most of the students, from what we can tell, are coming back and they’re gonna live in the dorms.”
Compare that to Falwell’s appearance on Starnes’ program on March 25: “It’s just amazing how much ignorance is out there. Liberty did not reopen.” Or, likewise, his appearance that same date on CNN’s New Day, during which he said that “most of the press reports have been false: Liberty did not reopen. Liberty has between 1,000 and 2,0000 students on a campus built for 15,500.”

this is 2020 conservatism. do what you want. say what you want. refuse to be held accountable for your own words. change your views in an instant. refuse to believe you ever held the views you espoused days ago, despite there being evidence at a moment's notice. blame everyone else. repeat. jerry falwell, jr., liberty university officials, and the students that attend this man's school deserve whatever comes to them. and it sure looks like it might be coming.

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