my wife is a hero

my wife is an RN and nursing supervisor at our local hospital. she works night shift and has been doing so for 3+ years. the more i read about the death of front line workers, the more scared i get.

while bill o reilly screams that people who are dying from this were "on their last legs", actual front line heroes are losing their lives. my wife rightly stated that, according to the numbers, some of the nurses and doctors at hospital are going to contract COVID-19. a very small number of those that catch it will die. that's the reality of the situation. my wife is very careful at work. she showers before she comes home. but we're not naive to think that this is a foolproof solution.

as someone who struggles with breathing problems, i might die from COVID-19, and that's ok. there's a lot i want to accomplish in life, but if i leave this earth with a legacy of three amazing children and a hero of a wife, then so be it.

i consider myself a writer, but i could never properly eulogize my wife or myself. i simply need it documented somewhere, just in case, that my wife is a hero. she's the most patient, loving, caring, sensitive, logical, smart, and down to earth person i've ever met and i've been damn lucky to be able to call her a partner for these 2+ years. i love her and i love that she loves me.

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