Neera Tanden Sucks

When Joe Biden nominated Neera Tanden to run the White House Office of Management and Budget he did so with an understanding that it would not be an easy sell. Her brand of insulting and divisive politics was the exact type that Biden specifically campaigned against. When it became clear she would not be confirmed by the senate, evenly split but controlled by Democrats by a single tiebreaker vote, Tanden withdrew herself from consideration for the position. The Biden White House promised her a position in the near future. That came to fruition this week as the White House has named Tanden a senior advisor to the president.

This comes as no shock to anyone who understands how politics works. It doesn't matter than Tanden is so unpopular and under-qualified to be confirmed for a position in the White House, even when the Senate is controlled by her own party. It doesn't matter that she was a co-mastermind of one of the biggest modern party candidate failures of all time. It doesn't matter that she deleted thousands of tweet prior to her confirmation hearing because they were so unprofessional and unbecoming of a candidate for a federal position.

Tanden spent the last four years consistently insulting the progressive left, fabricating a narrative that Bernie supporters, "bros", are meaner than every other candidate base, and the arguing against medicare for all. The senior advisor position serves as a thank you for those things.

There's no reason to be surprised by this move but it is disappointing nonetheless. She's often much more inflammatory and incendiary to those on the left than those on the right. Her "progressive" (her words) think tank, Center for American Progress has taken plenty of criticism for its acceptance of donations from questionable donors. No one embodies the sort of big money, neoliberal politics that I despise more than Tanden. Which is precisely why she was rewarded with a place in the administration.

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