new york representative has presumed covid-19

new york representative nydia velazquez has been diagnosed with presumed covid-19. this coming only days after being in contact with many members of congress, including pictures of her speaking with nancy pelosi and kevin mccarthy, among other prominent politicians.

nothing the ages of most congresspeople and the mortality rate among older people, this has the potential to be extremely not good.

i want to note the response of some twitter users who suggest this is all thomas massie's fault. not nancy pelosi who herself noted that this is just too difficult to do remotely. is this solely pelosi's fault? no, but is it all massie's fault for holding congress accountable at the same level of starbucks workers are, by being forced to come to work? i blame pelosi's failed leadership as much, if not more than i blame massie. after all, if the dems would stop losing elections under pelosi's leadership, there wouldn't be a need for a review of every inept move this president makes.

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