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The silliness surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles "controversy" of putting in their backup quarterback in the second half of a meaningless-for-them football game is frustrating. No, it wasn't wrong for Doug Pederson to ignore any factors other than his team, his team's health, and his team's future when coaching. There is no added responsibility simply because the other team is playing for a playoff birth and if there was, it's even more maddening that Pederson pulled the quarterback who was 7/20 with 72 yards and an interception and is being accused of trying to lose.

This tweet from Mortensen and Joe Judge's follow up quotes about how his team would "never disrespect the game" is more than maddening, it's mental. "Those in NFL" who came to that "consensus" and Joe Judge with his "respect" can listen to this NFL fan very closely: I would've found it much more disgraceful and disrespectful to have, for the first time ever, a six win division champion. The Giants and their fans deserved nothing from the Eagles and they deserved nothing from Doug Pederson. The Eagles front office, however, are owed something by Doug Pederson. What I find even more absurd than the notion that the Eagles owed the Giants something is the prevailing feeling that "tanking" is for front offices exclusively. The coaches are such one-dimensional neanderthals they're not allowed anything but the proverbial "110%". Three weeks ago Adam Gase was buried by a national media for winning a football game, essentially costing the Jets at a shot a the presumed number one pick, Trevor Lawrence. Now, the same media has made clear that Doug Pederson has no respect for the game and is a disgrace because he benched his machine of a quarterback who finished at 7/20 for 72 yards and took 74% of the offensive snaps.

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