Not my Representative!

I've long been thankful that I'm not represented in Congress by Paul Ryan or his hand picked replacement, Bryan Steil. It's another wonderful quirk of American democracy that we love so much. Fair maps and less gerrymandering has a virtually unanimous approval rating in Wisconsin, yet the Republicans refuse bring the issue to a vote on the floor. These are the same Republicans who objected to certifying the electoral college votes because that's the will of their constituents.

Steil's office is 15 minutes north of me but if I need to go to the Congressman's office who represents me, I'll need to drive an hour north to Madison, past Steil's Janesville office, to Representative Mark Pocan's office.

But it's no less irritating that the Congressman's office geographically closest to me has issued words much more forceful condemning the possible impeachment attempt of the Democrats than he did when a group of ultra-nationalists forcefully overtook the Capitol, the aftermath leaving five dead including a Capitol Police officer. Steil's website shows two recent statements. The first comes from two days ago, during the siege, when, after quizzically referencing the political unrest this summer, Steil demands, "Anyone not authorized to be in the Capitol needs to immediately leave". Wow, thank you for taking such a brave stand Congressman Steil. Now that we know the death total has reached five and includes a Capitol Police officer, and now that we have the screenshots of the since deleted posts of who was there, what they did, what they stole and tried not to steal because they left a quarter, Representative Steil has chosen to release another statement today, only this is about the Democrats latest effort to impeach the man who inspired a violent insurrection. "Enough already!" reads the statement, noticeably including an exclamation point the statement about the insurrection lacked. Steil's statement refers to "Joe Biden", still lacking the proper "President-elect" title. He once again referred to the summer's unrest, the same unrest that's since been mostly rested, before even mentioning the siege of the Capitol.

I appreciate Representative Steil's vote to confirm the electoral college results yesterday. That shouldn't be something to appreciate but an extreme minimum expectation. As should a forceful statement condemning a deadly attempted overthrow of our most politically sanctimonious building where nearly all of our federal lawmakers were carrying out democracy's responsibilities. I'm embarrassed but not surprised by Representative Steil's comments and I'm thankful he doesn't represent me in Congress.

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