Ok, then.

There's thousands of narratives written by really good writers unpacking, dissecting, and analyzing the chaos that unfolded at the United States Capitol. Find them, and read them. These are seminal moments in our lives. Don't let them pass you by an uninformed witness.

When Congress finally emerged from their literal bunkers, hostages hiding in the basement as cosplaying white men made it known they're actually willing to die for a draft-dodging President who would shit his pants at the first sign of any real conflict, I was pleased with the speeches of many senators, most surprisingly Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham. I read an analysis of Graham's speech that mentioned he went full "Lounge Act"; I couldn't come up with a better analogy if I tried. They condemned the coup attempt and they insisted that not certifying the election results would be a terrible precedent for democracy. None of this excuses McConnell's constant obstructions and Graham's 180 degree turn from "Trump will destroy us if we nominate him" to Trump's lap dog, even if his speech indicated he's completing the 360 degree full spin back to his original position.

What I wasn't impressed with, however, was one particular sentiment used by Chuck Schumer, the soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader. He noted that a woman had been shot and killed. He mourned her loss. I'm in such shock that a woman was shot and killed in the United States Capitol today. Conservatives have been desperate to create lies about who was involved, or corner the left with some argument that the BLM protests established a precedent of political violence, either incapable or too stupid to draw the distinction between looting a local Walmart and violently breaking into the chamber where every sitting senator and the Vice President are certifying electoral votes. I don't think someone looting a Walmart should be shot and killed. I do think someone violently breaking into the building, and then the chambers where the entire legislative and half of the executive branch is sheltering behind desks and chairs constitutes a logical use of lethal force. I won't "mourn" the death of someone who acted in treason against the United States and I don't think our senators should be either. I'm extremely sad and confused and annoyed and mad that it happened. I hate that it happened. But I will not mourn her. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, had that group been wearing hijab's on their head and attempting the coup in the name of Allah things would've gone very differently. And nobody would be mourning the loss of such an open enemy of democracy and American values, certainly not senators on the same floor, mere feet from where the insurrectionist was killed. If the attempted end game for each coup is the same, subverting democratic elections, then why are we basing coup reactions off the color of the insurrectionists skin? I'm also annoyed that Joe Biden's first statement on the riot noted the actions "bordered on sedition". They did not border on sedition. They were seditious. I'm failing to understand where the line for sedition exists and why forcefully attempting to thwart the confirmation of my fucking vote (and yours) is not past that line. Every picture, every record, and every Parler post of every one of these idiots, so willing to brag while committing felonies, should be analyzed by the FBI with facial recognition technology and every single one should be arrested for treason. They are terrorists. But since their skin is white, we're mourning their deaths on the Senate floor.

Last thought of the night, do you think Sean Hannity would be talking about election "irregularities in Pennsylvania" as he did tonight on his show if a group of Obama supporters had violently taken the Capitol during the counting of Trump's electoral college votes in 2016?

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