only 100k deaths! great job everyone!

after only two months ago when the president told us it was nothing to be worried about, we've now shifted the goal post to another universe where only 100,000 deaths would be a good thing.

i took umbrage with a family member telling me that the people who are stuck on the cruise ship that went on march 9th, "had no idea things were going to get this bad". that's the whole point of rejecting science. you don't get to shut your ears to every person saying how bad this is going to be, and then be shocked when they were right.

smart people with degrees in this very field told us for months that this was going to be a very, very bad thing. if the united states as a country and the president as its leader had any ability to cognitively discern facts and science, we'd be in a much better position than we are.

the truth is that we were never going to escape covid-19. but we could've done a damn better job. if you disagree, you're part of them problem.

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