I should be writing about politics everyday but it's an intersection of depression and anger that I'm mentally incapable of dealing with in a healthy manner. The terms I'd like to use to describe the people who are either openly supporting or remaining silent after Roger Stone's sentence commutation are extremely negative and vulgar.

But I do have a political candidate's sign in my front yard, so I'd like to write a bit about why I'm supporting Yuri Rashkin for Rock County Clerk.

With no Republican challenger for clerk, this will decide the Rocky County Clerk election. Rashkin's campaign is focusing heavily on Tollefson's missteps as clerk while Tollefson's aim has always been bi-partisanship in the clerk's office.

Tollefson's missteps have been large, in one case the result of a school-board election changing overnight, leading the Janesville Gazette to quote her on July 1st, 2016, "I feel really bad," an obviously embarrassed Tollefson said." There was a candidate, Jacob Taylor, left off the ballot entirely. And errors like those have led to justifiable speculation about other elections, such as a Turner referendum that failed by a handful of votes with some voters saying they didn't vote because they didn't see it as the only question on the back of the ballot. Some voters even claimed their ballot didn't even have a back.

Tollefson's husband recently blasted Rashkin on Facebook, calling him the boogeyest of all boogey words, a "socialist". Rashkin is far from a socialist, his ringing endorsement of Nancy Pelosi's work in Congress proving that fact false.

My endorsement of Rashkin is simple. Rock County is a blue county in a purple state. The Republicans, specifically Wisconsin Republicans, have made voter engagement and voter suppression a partisan issue. Tollefson believes the office should be a-political.

Unfortunately, a-political isn't a choice right now. We need voter engagement. We need to fight against voter suppression. We need an ally in the clerks office, not a bystander.

The amount of letters to the editor in the Janesville Gazette supporting Tollefson for clerk is astounding to me. The continued errors term after term are a theme of the clerk's office. Where is the accountability? Should Tollefson win it will be nothing more than an endorsement of cowardice and fear of politics by Rock County Democrats at the most politically turbulent time our generation has ever seen.

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