Politics as Usual

If the name George Nader doesn’t ring a bell, that’s ok, its probably not your fault. He’s been described as a “middle east power broker” and has found himself at the center of numerous diplomatic meetings regarding situations in Lebanon, Syria, UAE, and Israel, among others. He’s a dual citizen of both the United States and Lebanon, although it’s unclear when he gained United States citizenship. He’s pleaded not guilty to charges of masterminding illegal political donations of 3.5 million dollars. This resume is standard DC lobbyist stuff. And certainly, none of it would warrant George Nader being a household name. But it’s not lobbying, or middle-east, or bribery that’s attached to George Nader’s name now, it’s pedophilia.

George Nader received child porn at his DC home in 1984 in a box from the Netherlands. After it was deemed that the evidence was uncovered with an unproper search warrant, the charge was thrown out. In 1988, Nader received more child porn at his home. After a search of the home, more child porn was found in Nader’s toilet. In 1990, Nader was convicted of importing two VHS tapes of child porn that he snuck in a discreet tin inside his luggage that the brought with him to Dulles airport. Citing his “working with securing hostages” in Lebanon, he was sentence to six months in a Virginia halfway house. In 2003, Nader served a one-year prison sentence in the Czech Republic for 10 counts of sexually abusing children.

Nader worked with George H. W. Bush’s presidency in securing the aforementioned Lebanon hostages and he worked with the Clinton administration on Israel and Syria negotiations. He’s been charged with funneling illegal campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton in 2016. He also worked with the Trump administration, attending meetings with Jared Kushner and Erik Prince.

In January of 2018, Nader was stopped at Dulles airport and questioned about a meeting he helped facilitate between Trump’s transition team and Kirill Dmitriev, the head of Russia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund and a direct report of Vladimir Putin’s.

Explicit images of child pornography were found on Nader’s phone including images of toddlers, according to the Guardian. In January of this year, Nader pleaded guilty to, in the year 2000, bringing a 16-year-old boy from the Czech Republic to the United States for “commercial sex”.

How did this happen and why did it take 20 years to come to light? That type of question is not one you’re going to get at CNN, Fox, the New York Times, or any other outlet. While some have published mid-form exposes on Nader prior to it being known that Nader imported a personal sex slave, the write-ups that have come after his guilty plea have been short, succinct, and have left the reader with more questions than answers. But that won’t change, because that’s politics as usual in DC. And shining light on that would change everything. Corrupt power brokers have always been able to function freely in DC with their criminal activities being overlooked in favor of influence and connection. As the Middle East Eye put it in their article about Nader six months before details about Nader’s 16 year old sex boy from the Czech Republic came to light: “did his international contacts turn a blind eye to his criminal conduct because of his unlikely usefulness? Or does his paedophilia in some way help to explain how he came to be linked to several countries intelligence agencies?”

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