politics, ugh.

a terrible time to start, or continue really, talking about politics. i'm so disheartened and even more exhausted and i haven't even been fighting the good fight for very long in the first place.

health care equal to your neighbor is a fundamental human right and any existence of privatized health care, even if there's a comprehensive public option, is class warfare. this is the backbone of my entire political philosophy. if any person is able to buy a better, more efficient, or rarer kind of treatment or medicine based on higher socioeconomic status, a basic fundamental human right is being deprived of those in the lower socioeconomic status. i've struggled throughout my life to entertain dissenting opinions, especially on the issues i feel most strongly about. i've gotten better, in recent years, but being convinced otherwise on this issue seems extremely unlikely for me. every issue in regards to public vs. private argument can be easily overcome by noting the some 30-70 million un- or under-insured in this country, or by some other simple logic. i do think i'll see it in my lifetime, but clearly it's not on the coming horizon and this is extremely frustrating to me. lately, i've attempted to isolate myself from, well everything, and not just because of COVID-19, but because the more i read, the more frustrated i get.

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