President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States. I allowed myself yesterday a day without cynicism. There will be no shortage of future opportunities for cynicism but January 20th was a day I allowed myself to enjoy. No longer is the face of American politics a vindictive, rambling, bully of a man. The removal of a conspiracy theorist authoritarian from the highest political office in the land is enough cause to celebrate. For this writer, and not exclusively so, the pageantry that came with President Biden's inauguration may as well have been about what America is losing rather than what we're gaining. I allowed myself to be carried away by the emotion of the moment. It was outside. It was a spectacle. It was socially distanced. It was everything that a 2021 presidential inauguration should be; absent any effects of the attacks so vociferously launched against it. And while I'll soon be reminded that "nothing will fundamentally change", I enjoyed it, if only for a day.

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