republican congressman actually cares about workers?

thomas massie, representative from kentucky, has made quite the stir by calling for a vote on the largest spending bill in history, the economic stimulus response to covid-19 . he spoke out against the bill, calling for a vote, saying it doesn't do enough for 150,000,000 american workers. the republicans and the democrats came together to squash massie like a bug. john kerry tweeted his support of donald trump's stance, calling massie a new kind of "masshole". trump said massie should be kicked out of the gop.

this is peak 2020 politics. democrats, voters and the establishment alike, care less about left policies and workers rights than they do about making a spectacle of ripping up speeches and deriding others with what they deem to be clever insults. republicans, voters and the establishment alike, care less about making rational, informed choices than they do about blindly following the most authoritarian president of our generation.

i must note that massie's stance feels entirely disingenuous considering he aligns himself with a party so clearly aligned with corporate interests. it can be deduced by who he is and who he aligns himself with, that he's not against the lack of help to the average american, he simply opposes spending so much. is he guilty of looking for some time in the spotlight? of course, but you don't go into politics looking to keep a low profile. if he truly believes what he's saying, he should be applauded for this issue. it also must be noted that pelosi received some concessions that were important to democrats and democratic voters in this package. this is one of the things massie is frustrated about. while the elite calls it being politically savvy, the normal, working-class citizens of say, semi-rural, semi-urban Wisconsin call it politics at its worst.

noting that the house members shouldn't be forced to come together for a vote because of health reasons is a notion i reject more strongly than any. as i'm typing this i got a notification from pizza hut, reminding me that they're still open, and they've got half-priced pizza! if pizza hut and all the other restaurants still open are so essential to this country and this economy, then maybe massie has a point that those who govern us are just as essential.

the only thing democrats and republicans come together on is shitting on working class citizens. the bill sucks and massie is right to say so, even if its not for the reasons he thinks.

the first tweet of his threat is embedded here.

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