Rich Man Who Doesn't Want to Pay College Athletes Sad About Money

University of Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione is 'bitterly disappointed' in Fox for choosing to air Oklahoma/Nebraska at 11 AM instead of a more revenue friendly primetime spot. I'd never heard of Joe Castiglione before but I had a hunch and fifteen seconds of internet sleuth-ery confirmed my suspicions. Here's a 2017 story where Castiglione says paying NCAA athletes won't work because none of the cumulative billions of dollars NCAA men's basketball and football generates is expendable in any way. Where would the money to pay players come from? This same story notes the $20,000 bonus Castiglione received when OU men's golf team won the national championship. Fast forward eleven months and there's another page one result of Castiglione receiving a $200,000 pay raise. Castiglione's personal wealth might have nothing to with his disappointment in Fox but there is a bit of poetry here. There would be no $200,000 raise for Castiglione if it wasn't for extremely lucrative television deals like the one the Big 12 has with Fox. Now he's 'bitterly disappointed' they've decided to 'exercise [their] full contractual rights and denied our requests'. Castiglione's stances seem to be as follows: don't pay players because there isn't enough money, pay me more when players do really well, give me a quarter of a million dollar raise because of all that TV money we have, get bitterly disappointed when TV partner doesn't do exactly what I want.

Rich white dudes really are something.

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