Seattle Clears the CHOP Zone, police break the law

The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, or CHOP, in Seattle has been cleared by police after orders by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. Two fatal shootings have recently occurred within the zone that has been occupied for two weeks now, leading to this quote in the USA Today piece on the clearing of the zone: "Police Chief Carmen Best said she supports peaceful protests, but 'enough is enough. The CHOP has become lawless and brutal.'" The article continues, "Police abandoned the precinct building after officers used tear gas on demonstrators despite the mayor's ban on the chemical irritant." The police cleared the protestors because the mayor ordered them to do so. But the mayor's order of a ban on a chemical outlawed in international warfare was not one that the police wanted to follow, so they did not. That is a state of police. With Seattle PD's continued use of teargas despite being ordered not to, they are showing transparently what many have said for quite some time: the lawless people that are showing up to the peaceful protests are not who you think they are.

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