smartphones are tracking our movements??? color me shocked.

i posted a new video on the covid-19 main page. i'm so impressed with it's simple ability to show how susceptible we all are, despite how careful you're being as an individual. but in researching the company that made the video, i found out a dirty little secret. our smartphones are actually tracking us! i know, shocking!

caveat emptor. if you're not sure what a phone that is constantly connected to the internet is capable of and you're buying it and downloading every app and accepting every notification, you have to be able to logically deduce what is capable. i think it's shady business practice, but do i think it's shadier than the other shady aspects of capitalism, like not being able to watch my brewers without packaging that with hundreds of unwanted channels? or like women having to pay for feminine products despite them being a life necessity? or health being directly tied to socioeconomic status? no, i don't. track me, i don't personally give a shit, but if you do, there's things you can do about it, but rest assured that if powerful people want to track you, they'll find a way.

now, just wait until mashable finds out about cambridge analytica.

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