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i saw a tweet today, something along the lines of "it's 2028. AOC is president. she can't do anything because she has a 2-7 minority in the scotus. this is why you have to vote for biden". the whole point is that when the party comes together to reject every ideal that AOC stands for, they're never going to make her the nominee, ever. she's already not paying party dues because they blacklist dems who want to run against incumbents. i know twitter isn't real life, but the approval rating of AOC by anyone on the left, be the neo-libs or leftists or anything in between, seems pretty high. how did she rise to such metoric fame? she primary'd an incumbent! why would the dems, after decades of openly admitting they don't listen to leftists (see here) suddenly shift over the course of eight years? it's not as if the younger leadership of the dnc has shown a propensity for progressive values. kamala called biden out for his racist policies directly affecting her as a child and then she endorsed him. cory booker called biden out for saying working with segregationists was "civility" and something that's missing from today's politics and then he endorsed him for president. pete called bernie his idol as a young man and then dropped out and endorsed biden. liz warren said she was going to do everything she could to get a progressive elected and then dropped out and went radio silent as most of her voters flocked to biden. every single one of these is an example of a betrayal against the strongest progressive movement this country has ever seen and those of us who fought for it will not forget that. you have shown us that there is no chance of AOC '28. you've seen how hard we fight, and you've decided you don't want that fight on your side. but we're not done fighting and as long as we stay united, that's bad for you guys.

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