sports are dumb

i've loved sports my entire life. for too many years, my life revolved around them. in most years, the months of april-october is spent watching the Brewers and baseball in general. fantasy football still plays a large part in my life. but over 2,000 people died today from a virus that was non-existent a month ago. they're burying people in nyc public parks. i don't give a shit about sports right now, like at all.

but i understand that major sports leagues have a job to do. and i understand that reporters have nothing to talk about. so when i see jeff passan's report that mlb was hoping to resume operations in may, exclusively in arizona, i get it. and i understand people needing to talk about something good in their lives. but if the take isn't in line with craig goldstein's take in yesterday's baseball prospectus newsletter, i don't want to hear about it. the more we talk about these things, the more people are going to get a false sense that somehow this thing is ending.

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