Stay Together For The Kids

Last night, the Trump campaign was thoroughly trolled by a large contingent of Gen Z kids, Tik Tok users, and Kpop fans.

What a fun sentence that is to type.

The NYTimes story is here, but essentially, there was a Kpop and Tik Tok movement to sign up that they'd be attending the Trump rally with no intention of actually doing so. Many Tik Tok users made videos of their plans and deleted them within 24 hours to attempt to keep the plan as secretive as possible. As the event neared, Trump himself tweeted about having over 1,000,000 ticket requests. Sources from inside the stadium pegged the crowd around 6,600.

I'm mad at myself for missing as it was happening but watching Trump social media manager Brad Parscale, a man the right lauds as a social media wizard, be so thoroughly owned by a group of kids makes my heart so happy. Kids rule.

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