team ten - yahoo fantasy baseball roto auction 2020

this is a yahoo pro league auction, standard yahoo 5 x 5.

my team is ok. auctions are always tough for me. i think i can win batting average and possibly runs with this team.

i completely punted on saves, hoping i can trade of find some on the waiver wire, instead opting for taking many of the mid tier starters that i like to have decent years. the hope is that one of them becomes 2019's lance lynn or shane bieber. my best pick for that pitcher is brandon woodruff. he's the only pitcher counsell trusts to go deep and he's a strikeout machine. of course, it should be noted that i'm a diehard brewers fan. that being said, i expect big things from woodruff if we play baseball this year.

i spent more than i wanted to for JD Martinez, but he should be fine. i went 23 picks without winning an auction and i guess i got restless because 3 of the next 6 nominations were won be me. my strategy for this team relied on getting freddie freeman. i believe he's going to have an mvp type season. he's been playing in pain, like a lot of elbow pain, for years. he had arthroscopic surgery this year to remove three fragmented loose bodies and multiple bone spurs. he had inflammation at the end of february, but if that swelling stays down and he plays pain free, i think he'll be worth every bit of that $35. brantley and schwarber were value picks. schwarber will be on my bench, especially if pham stays healthy and tucker gets at-bats, but

i've heard he's slimmer and stronger this spring training and i still believe that somewhere in schwarber's career he has a big home run season in him. i'd like to have him when that happens. i hate that a yahoo stat is wins and not innings pitched, but if i manage this staff i can very much compete in the win category. peralta was of course a throw away, i didn't manage my budget but i got some pitchers cheaper than i thought and every time a player got nominated that fit what i think i'm doing, i won the bid easily.

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