terrible humans attempt to unite to kill entire generation

terrible human, texas lt governor dan patrick seemed to imply yesterday that grandparents nationwide are, or at least should be, willing to die to save an economy so fragile that if they don't make that sacrifice, the country as we know it will be ruined. noted terrible human glenn beck went along with this idea.

neither has any suggestion of how to adapt our country or economic system to fight through this crisis without putting hundreds of thousands of vulnerable population at risk o death. neither of them have any suggestion of what to do with hospitals that are already overloaded extremely sick people, while people die waiting for beds in the er. neither has seemed to entertain the thought that this isn't the worst thing that can ever happen to us, or any suggestion of how to prepare for something like a stronger virus that may come to fruition in the future.

as sickening and disgusting as these suggestions appear at face value, they're not new. let's think about the system patrick and beck are such ardent defenders of that they advocate for the possible death of an entire generation. this is what a for profit health care is based around, the only different between that rather than killing off a group of people based on age, it kills off a group of people based on socioeconomic status.

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