The Bias of the BDN

The Beloit Daily News, owned by the billionaire Adams family, has never had an issue being a mouthpiece for Diane Hendricks, Beloit's billionaire overlord. The Spring election season gives the newspaper the opportunity to showcase this. Billionaire empaths will be pleased to see the following when you log on to the Beloit Daily News website this morning, the day before Spring elections:

This is disturbing on many levels, not the least of which being John Petersen's ugly mug and undersized peacoat staring at me in the face. Why is the only newspaper in Beloit promoting any candidate the day before an election? Is anyone shocked that it happens to be one of the candidates supported by ABC Supply, thereby Diane Hendricks herself? The Beloit Daily News is transparently disgusting. They are shameless in their money grabs and their attempts to shift the local narrative to a more conservative one have failed, so far. Reject the BDN. Reject billionaires. Reject John Petersen. Vote Clinton Anderson and Nancy Forbeck for Beloit City Council.

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