The Conservative Response

It would be a welcome refresher, a reset button of sorts, to say conservatives are fracturing in their support for the President in response to the January 6th riot at the US Capitol and certainly, that's what gets the clicks. Unfortunately, only ten Republican Representatives voted for the impeachment of a man who, in no uncertain terms, incited a violent riot intended to stop the peaceful transition of power. Nearly two hundred voted against impeachment; less of a fracture, more of a small splintering.

It can't be denied that the ten Republicans who voted in favor of impeachment are courageous. They're now fearing for their own lives. But these are outliers. Representative and ardent Trump supporter Jim Jordan, ever the passionate soul, heeded a call for unity. He noted President Trump's newfound commitment to a peaceful transition of power and condemned the Democrats for only attempting to divide this nation further. Other defenses of voting against impeachment including a repeating theme; it was too rushed. The conservatives sudden level-headedness is a remarkable 180 from their passing of the 1.5 trillion dollar and the tax cuts for the wealthy, when both were "rushed" with majority Republican support.

A majority of Trump supporters still staunchly support this president. A wandering into the abyssal, echo chamber that is r/Conservative today saw a news article that attempted to point out the hypocrisy of the Democratic Representative who voted against one-third of Florida's electoral votes in 2017, a vote that wasn't sustained by any Democratic senator and that wasn't followed by a violent insurrection. Facts are irrelevant, precedents are only important when they're convenient, and obstruction is a policy. This is modern conservatism.

Lindsay Graham aptly noted in 2016 that the Republican Party would be destroyed if Donald Trump were to be nominated as Republican nominee for president. He since became Trump's four year lapdog and golf buddy, before tapping out after being held hostage at his workplace last week. That Senator Graham has forcefully denounced the impeachment proceedings should come as no shock. His statement makes clear that he's more disappointed in Mitch McConnell for reportedly wanting accountability for the President that he is the President for inciting the, his words, "seditious mob". There appears to be no analysis done by the senator about the overlap of Trump supporters and aforementioned "seditious mob".

We asked how far he could go before he lost a majority of Republican support; incitement of a violent insurrection isn't a disqualifier. For some sitting congresspeople, we know there are no limits. Questions have arose about certain Republican lawmakers possibly giving reconnaissance tours of the Capitol the day before the deadly riot. Ultra right-wing groups saw massive crypto-currency transactions the month before the insurgence. This one was an unsuccessful coup. I think we should all have valid concerns about the next one.

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