The Negligence of the Beloit Daily News

....and Janesville Gazette.

For years the Beloit Daily News has been nothing more than a press arm for Diane Hendricks. This isn't a new policy that was instituted when fellow billionaires (it's an exclusive club and you ain't in it) Stephen and Mark Adams purchased all of our newspapers, the Beloit Daily News, the Janesville Gazette, and the Daily Jefferson County Union, giving local media a Conservative monopoly.

You won't find a single piece that analyzed the hatred Diane Hendricks had for the Wisconsin worker as she and fellow loser Scott Walker stripped away their rights. You won't find a since piece debating the morality of billionaires in a local economy that sees lines at homeless shelters and food pantries. You won't find the facts of when Diane and her yes-men David McCoy, Tim McKevett, and all the other corrupt oligarchs of Beloit 200 (full list here) were gifted a building by the city of Beloit for a cost of $1/year, or that the city is charged with upkeep of that building as well. You won't find the story of when Diane refused access of her Afton, WI mansion to a local tax assessor which lead to the substantial underassessment of her mansion. No, these instances of billionaire-welfare went largely unnoticed well before Adams Publishing stepped in to be the unofficial-but-totally-official mouthpiece of our billionaire overlord.

I typically don't read the Beloit Daily News unless something is shared with me; there are much better local news sources. But a friend of mine from Standing Up for Racial Justice - Beloit (SURJ) shared with me an op-ed they had penned and it was really good. With an interest to see if the op-ed ran, I gave the Beloit Daily News a click, one more than I'd given them in months, to find the first op-ed ran in the month of June, a different op-ed than the one I was looking for. It ran unbylined, because they're cowards, apparently coming from their "editorial" board which would consist almost entirely of non-locals.

The piece scolded the Beloit School Board for sending off a letter to the Wisconsin legislature urging them to stop basing their existence in obstruction and consider Beloit's children before blanketly standing in the way of Governor Evers' education budget. The advocacy for Beloit's youth was too much for the Beloit Daily News to bear. The board, presumably upset because their diapers hadn't been changed all day, assembled to write an op-ed rooted in billionaire-favored conservatism.

The piece, run by a newspaper owned by billionaires, had the gall to accuse the Beloit School District of attempting to "kneecap the competition". Yes, the newspaper that had nothing to say when Diane Hendricks and the Lincoln Academy stole, yes stole money from the school district of Beloit, is accusing the school district of Beloit of kneecapping the competition. The absurdity of saying a public school district is trying to kneecap a literal BILLIONAIRE is not only unfathomable, it's rooted in lies.

We as taxpayers that see our money go to the school district of Beloit, and that includes myself, elect our school board democratically. That means we put our faith in our elected officials to decide what is best for our schools. It's been noted many times but bears repeating. The Lincoln Academy and the money it is taking away from the Beloit School District was not approved by our democratically elected school board, but gifted to them through the fraudulently named "Office of Educational Opportunity" at the University of Wisconsin. We had absolutely no say as a community, yet our taxes are supporting a billionaire. Welcome to Beloit, WI.

So, to review, the Beloit Daily News is silent when billionaires are gifted public money because that's just Beloit stuff. But when the school district writes a letter, that's "kneecapping the competition".

After the successful reelection of most of the school board, this op-ed is nothing more than a transparent attempt to sow dissent in our community. I hope the community continues to reject the Beloit Daily News and the candidates of Diane Hendricks as we have in the past.

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