Tom Phillips

Fightful is reporting that Tom Phillips has been released by WWE. This comes only seven weeks after He was replaced as lead commentator on Monday Night Raw by Adnan Virk. WWE and Virk have mutually decided to part ways after the experiment was a disaster. WWE is a billion dollar company with a virtually unlimited amount of assets at their disposal, yet they continue to use live TV as rehearsal space. Virk will go down as yet another ill-fated idea of WWE (say hi to Raw Underground for us) but the idea of Phillips as a free agent is intriguing.

Wrestling is desperate for good announcers and Phillips is certainly one of those. The dream landing spot is to replace the perennially drunk (at least sounds like it) Matt Striker on Impact! Wrestling. D'Lo is terrible as well so maybe we could replace D'Lo and Striker with Tom Phillips and Samoa Joe. I know it isn't going to happen, but much like Mr. Potato Head wishing for a Mrs. Potato Head at the beginning of Toy Story, "hey, a guy can dream can't he!?!"

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