trump mad that superpac is telling the truth

news broke today that trump for president, inc has threatened legal suit against superpac priorities usa (yes, a a superpac called Priorities USA is spending millions during a nationwide pandemic on negative ads. yes, its ironic) for running this extremely accurate ad. take a look:

the viewpoint of the trump team is that trump never called covid-19 a "hoax". clearly this is his voice in the video, but i've heard it argued by the trump administration before that he wasn't calling the virus a hoax, but the democrats response to the republicans response a hoax. priorities usa has made it clear that they won't stop spending, and they've promised to run even more ads. whats most upsetting is that this video will probably have a pretty strong effect on boomer undecided voters. the upsetting part isn't opening their eyes to trump ineptitude, but that it takes a 30 second video of what's happened before their eyes had they simply looked up from facebook for 15 minutes a day.

also, i'd like to note that at the end of that ad it notes that we need a leader we can trust. trust me when i say this, that ain't joe biden.

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