why aren't we all doing everything we can?

we're all struggling with covid-19 in our own ways. i don't want to minimize anyone's struggles. but i've grown very frustrated that all of us, as a society and individually, aren't doing everything we can to stop the spread of this. if a global pandemic isn't able to unite us as a people and a society, literally nothing will.

stay at home unless it's an emergency. if you go to work, you absolutely shouldn't be visiting friends family members. if you go to the grocery store, you absolutely shouldn't be visiting friends or family members. you shouldn't be ordering food anymore. you should have a designated person that goes to the grocery store for your household, and that person should be the only one going out. why is it too much to ask to do more than what the recommendations are?

i've been home almost exclusively. i've been out once in ten days and i didn't leave my car, picked something up from a mailbox, and sanitized and washed my hands. if someone close to me gets sick, i know, for a fact, that i didn't get them sick. not everyone i know can say that.

please be safe and please stay the fuck home.

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