willing to listen

i'm willing to listen that i'm being too stubborn on my joe biden takes. i know trump is an evil that poses extreme risks to marginalized americans. i know he's racist and xenophobic. but so is biden. an outright denial of this is inaccurate.

he was best friends with segregationists. he's even been called the author of modern segregation. simply put, if you had told activists in 1975 that in 2020, joe biden would be the less evil alternative for president of the united states, i might guess they'd assume all of their activism was for nothing. joe biden lied about getting arrested in south africa visiting Nelson Mandela. biden lied about marching with civil rights leaders but what he was really doing at the time was subtly fighting for the cause of segregationists. you want me to vote for him?

and the rape allegation. i understand that a blanket 100% believe women mindset would result in a few cases of being misled. but i'm much more comfortable believing all women and getting a few of those cases wrong than i am telling a single woman that was actually raped, "i don't believe you".

i read an argument today that biden is actually the worst-case long-term scenario. the premise was that we have very few years left to be able to implement meaningful climate change. a biden presidency is 4 or 8 years of that followed by the inevitable conservative, a competent trump.

for six years i've voted party lines almost exclusively. i've been rewarded this cycle by swift, overwhelming rejections of my values and a demand that i get in line, again. i'd need a very persuasive argument because "he's not trump" isn't doing it for me. actually, he's kind of admitted that he is trump. change my mind.

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